Self Service

Always A Clean Experience



The facility has 1, 2, 4 and 6 load capacity machines for your small to mega load needs!


The facility has 16 – 30lb (3 loads) and 8 – 45lb (4+ loads) dryers.


Folding Tables

We have 5 folding areas to meet your needs.  4 of the tables are 6′ x 30″ and are arranged at the end of the washer rows.  One table is 11′ x 2′ that sits across from our 6 load machines giving you the space you need to sort, load and fold.

Change Machines


We have 3 change machines to cover all your quarter needs.  2 machines dispense quarters for bills up to $20.


1 machine will break those 10s and 20s into $5 in quarters and the rest in $5 bills.

Couch change!  Nickles and Dimes!

1 machine will accept nickles and dimes to give you quarters to operate the machines!  Now you can do laundry on the change you find in your couch or under your car seat!  Sorry, no pennies.


We are equipped with free WiFi for our customers.